Scheme in Haskell

Date published: 15-Apr-2021
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functional programming

About the Project

scheme-in-haskell aim is writing a functional Scheme interpreter using Haskell, following along the Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours tutorial.


A fully functional Scheme interpreter that you can use to follow along the sicp book.

On a side note, I had a scheme porting joke, brackets joke and a maybe chicken chibi chez racket and whatnot joke, and the monad too if you know what i mean! but unfortunately, i stupidly close my emacs without saving(such a noob!), so every sketch i managed to scratch down went to waste! Anyways the point is, this is gonna be your simple (yet full of bugs) solution to the tiresome process of having to choose among the available scheme interpreter implementations from various institutes from the big-market scene. Beware, currently there a bunch of em...

Well, for now and for commercial purposes lets just say f*ck all of the available implementations and just go with mine, because why not? (btw, i hope to become a fantastic open-source salesman in the near future LoL, hope i will be able to score em high sales more than the youtube algo [more ...lulz]!).

If to this point yo still interested to try out this project, then go ahead to the github repo, follow the guide on how to run the project and try the interpreter for yourself, however expect a bunch of bugs ahead of you, godspeed(no pun intended)...

  • TODO: Document features in detailed order.


The requirements needed in order to successful run the project are;

  • Haskell (ghc (you can use cabal, or both cabal and stack, or with neither of them even better!))
  • deps -> parsec, maybe mtl and hspec for tests.

Check out the repo for more and if in case you might be interested adding contributions to the project, issues, pull reqs etc etc. May the coming, speed force be with you.

GitHub Repository