Observing a tiny particle vibrating into the future via Time dimension

Date published: 2-Aug-2019
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The unknown that awaits us in the future can be unsettling, we're living in an era where our conditions, capabilities and understandings are progressing so fast and in so many different directions, anything is possible and essentially in a blink of an eye, the entire world can change with the way things are going right now. It can be easy to lose hope and become scared for humanity's future, but what use is that if the future is uncertain? why choose fear over hope, wonder and excitement? The things that await us may be good or bad ofcourse, but all we can do is hope and strive for the best. So with that in mind let's consider imagining for a moment what in fact that could be!

The following is a potential ideal rendering of the hypothetical future based on current trends and predictions, its arguably just as possible as just it may not be as same time. It is a future that could very well become real while you are still alive, all it takes is some random particles to flip an entire scale of reality. Now put yourself in the shoes of your future self and imagine the following; -

{ It is some time in the future, you're planning out a vacation with some friends and family, you've to decide which location you would like to visit in our solar system, similar to how you would a cruise ship, you're picking which space travel line you would like to go with as well as which destinations you would like to stop at. Like tropical islands, there are planets that you can travel to where there are societies with economies thriving on tourism research and resource mining. Not only that, but these new other planetary settlements have allowed for the discovery of new sources of nutrients energy sources and elements that are now integrated into that era's everyday lives. The massive practical value provided by these new resources means that the issues created by things like fossil fuel emissions and power requirements here on earth have been resolved/eradicated, what was once known as global warming would then be a lesson taught in history classes. With greater resources and limited energy restrictions, the rate of technological advancement rises exponential!

Technological advancement have continued to compound while the concern of artificial intelligence becoming uncontrollable has been properly dealt with. Government program specializing in the research understanding and regulation of AI have been implemented. Like any other potentially threatening technology or weaponry, the proper regulations were put in place before it was too late. AI then integrates cohesively into human life in an increasingly symbiotic relationship, it has freed up much of the waste of time in researching and understanding complex issues, it has allowed us to answer questions we never thought to even ask, to innovate in directions we never knew existed, to live in ways we never thought were possible, at any given moment new worlds of opportunity and understanding are uncovered, life is almost never boring, there's so much to do explore and discover. Furthermore technological automation has increased so much that humans no longer work trivial or laborious jobs. These jobs have since been replaced with new jobs that cater to a more ideal level of human skill set, capability and interest, work is then dependent on thinking imaginatively and innovatively rather than feeling depressed or imprisoned by mundane repetative work. You and everyone you will know from this moment forward experiences work as a means to an exciting life and a chance to connect with themselves as well as the collective. Education has been restructured to attend to this shift, school is no longer based on memorization of rigidly standardized curriculums, instead it is open diverse and practical to human life. It covers a greater range of topics and adopts emotional intelligence, mental health career selection and financial literacy as some of the new primary focuses in addition to traditional subjects. Moving forward all children will be properly equipped to utilize their intelligence in the most effective and rewarding ways. racism, sexism and other minority prejudices are no longer tangible, opportunity wealth and success are no longer predicated by family heritage or appearance, but based on people as individuals and what they can do objectively and subjectively. Those previously in poverty or underdeveloped societies are now in comfort and affluence, more opportunities for more people means more smart people, and more smart people means more innovations and discoveries which means more people will be working on solving major problems while advancing technology works in parallel to execute the solutions. From a medical perspective a newfound comprehensive understanding of the human genome is not a dream anymore.

The relationship between Human genome now allows us to quickly eradicate diseases as well as ensure that newborn humans are born with optimal health. The relationship between human understanding and technological innovation has become so interwoven that evolution is now spilling over into new dimensions of interplanetary Bionic life. Evolution is compounding at a 10 X multiple, 10 years is like 100, and 100 years is like a thousands and so on. This alongside developing anti-aging medical treatments means you will be aging at a dramatically reduced rate proportional to time, because by the way you'll be whatever age you're by then, plus about a hundred give or take, by then, you'll be on track to live a longer healthier life than any conceivable age of the past, as a result you will experience the most diverse dynamic and unique existence ever known to human kind, you and nearly everyone you know will be happy with life and it is not corny or weird to feel that way. For the first time known in history the entire body of humanity will be functioning together cohesively like one big super machine, there is an underlining attitude that when everyone wins the individual wins. Violence and war will be extremely minimized while empathy and kindness will keep on growing stronger and stronger, longer lifetimes creates impeccable understandings of the universe and our role within it, more time to focus on self-care and meaningful work all allow for a greater sense of self purpose. We would then recognize that life is simply what you make of it, that our purpose is merely to enjoy everything as best we can, while providing as much honest value to others along the way so to ensure that everyone can do the same. Life would surely be impressively beautiful, abd humanity happier than ever before, any conceivable heaven would fall short of this. }

Well! now back to the present time, that future just described is certainly incredible optimistic, however between now and then anything could happen real, if even a sliver of any of that comes to fruition, imagine the possibilities!! The mere idea of the possibility is enrapturing, perhaps some of it may seem far-fetched and perhaps some of it is because, ofcourse we took some creative Liberty here, but if you were to write down everything you did and encounter today, then could somehow send it back 50 years in the past, I believe that whoever would read it would have the same skepticism about today's conditions, and if that is true then someone 150 years ago would have been as skeptical and as excited about our current 2019 conditions. Just imagine how surprised you are going to be in 100yrs to come. There's a lot to be excited about and a lot to be hopeful for, literally right now is like science fiction let alone 50 or 100 years in the future. So enjoy yourself and believe in humanity, any alternative is useless. And that is just 1 hypothetical possibility of the future out of bazillion, observed from an angle of random-like vibrating particles In a nutshell.

May the speed of light be with you, -{If that is even a thing :) }