Hello There 👋! My name is Warren Kalolo with aliases [ SentinelWarren & Arduino Sentinel ], a Computer scientist | Software developer, IT specialist, hobbyist 3D artist, Emerging Technologies and Quantum Computing Enthusiast all the way from Africa, Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Tinkering with Electronics and creating elegant soft tools that are performant is my passion, and ensuring they are accessible is my mission!
I am currently deeply immersed into Quantum computing researches and developments. On a side note, a few years back (around 2019), Google achieved Quantum supremacy, performing a series of quantum computational operations in 200 seconds using a 53 qubit Quantum Computer, what a remarkable milestone! I am also currently intrigued by Blockchain & Smart Contracts. The possibilities and potential they show in revolutionizing multiple industries i.e Finance, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Cyber security etc especially in African's fourth industrialization context is remarkable and breathtaking.
I love working with Open Source Tech while also contributing to them. I also do love sharing the knowledge i have with the community as part of my learning rituals, and believing that could be one of the best method of increasing and widespread Tech inclusion and STEM diversity within my developing African communities. Encouraging and helping beginners getting into programming and contribute to Open Source is one of my favorite past-times too.
I am a proud Scratch Educator, helping kids | youth | students to use Scratch programming language to code their own interactive stories, animations, and games. In the process, they learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively  — essential skills for everyone in today’s society.
When i'm not busy geeking and nerding out with Electronics and computers in general, i tend to immerse my brains into thought provoking philosophical writings & literatures, music, arts and Hard science fiction. Btw, i'm a huge fan of Asimov work.
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Mchwa Labs

June 2021 - Present


Sep 2020 - Present

ENGIE Powercorner

IT | Digital Officer
Oct 2017 - Aug 2020

ENGIE Powercorner

IT Intern
Jul 2017 - Sep 2017

Tembo Electronics

Electronics Technician | Programmer
Nov 2015 - Jul 2017


Scratch Educator

Scratch Teacher
Feb 2019 - Present

Dar es Salaam Quantum Physics, Machine Learning & AI Meetup

Apr 2019 - Present

UNICEF Covid -19 Champions

Apr 2020 - Present


Coursera Certifications

Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems
Dec 2015
Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Dec 2015
Ruby on Rails: An Introduction
Dec 2015
Rails with Active Record and Action Pack
Dec 2015
Python Data Structures
Jan 2016
Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools
Jan 2016
Introduction to Software Product Management
Jan 2016
Introduction to Big Data
Feb 2016
Big Data, Cloud Computing, & CDN Emerging Technologies
Feb 2016
Smartphone Emerging Technologies
Feb 2016
Introduction to Game Development
Feb 2016
Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB
Mar 2016

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